Here are listed the events, shows and talks in which the C-Class Catamaran Project's team participated.


Boat and Water sports Show

February 2nd to 5th 2017

Boat exposition with videos and animations

30 000 visitors are expected


ÉTS Open-House

January 31 2016

Boat exhibition, booth with animation and videos. Lots of potential new members met!

2900 visitors

Team building at Québec

June 18 2016

Meeting between the team and partners on two VOR-60, boats which used to sail during the Volvo Ocean Race.

Fête des Clubs

September 29 2016

Introduction to our new scientific club of the Rafale C-Class Catamaran ETS: we evolve from the status of project to student club.

1000 visiteurs

Altair Formation

October 5-6 2016

Presentation and formation on the Altair softwares solutions

Montreal Boat Show

February 4-7 2016

Conferences on the project from its beginning, our challenges and accomplishements. The Video Blog is also loop-playing on the screen at the "Espace Voile" section during the 4 days.

30000 visitors at the Show

Conference with canadian CEOs.

June 3 2016

Meeting with more than 50 canadians CEOs at the ETS

100 visitors

Conference AéroETS

October 1 2016

Invited by AéroETS at the conference of AéroMontréal. Lecture about the study case of a 100% recyclable and reusable aircraft.

500 visitors

CONAM Conference

May 4 2016

Conference on the 1st edition of the project. The crowd having already seen the 2015 conference, people will be able to fully appreciate our accomplishements and success!

200 visitors

Transat Québec St-Malo

July 10 2016

Invitation to expose the catamaran during the starting event of the transatlantic race from Québec to St-Malo.

100 000 visitors

Sailing Fair

November 5 2016

Boat exposition and meeting with the Quebec Sailing Federation members.

500 visitors


ÉTS Open-House

January 25 2015

Presenting our student club for the first time at the university, showing the engineering challenges associated to boat design.

2500 visitors

Altair Talk

May 5-7 2015, Detroit, USA

Presentation on the challenge of composites parts carbon fiber layup optimization and the usage of the Altair software Suite tools.

30 persons

RStLYC Fundraising evening

August 7 2015

Event at the Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club, prize draws, promo items sale, BBQ, exhibition and official naming and dedication of Rafale. Party is in the air!

250 persons

Fédération de Voile du Québec Congress

November 7 2015

Awarding night for the most influencial sailing characters in the local scene of Quebec. The Rafale team is awarded Sailor of the Year!

250 persons

CONAM, Sailing Community

February 4 2015

Conference about the project, presenting the work accomplished so far. We exchange with sailing passionates, some of them having even built boats.

200 persons

Eurêka! Festival

June 12-14 2015

Booth at the science festival, demonstration of the foiling principle with a scale model in a water bath. Exhibition of the Espadon prototype on foils.

108 000 visitors


September 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

The ultimate goal of the 1st edition of the project is achieved! 6th place for the Rafale Team + Spirit of the Hydros Foundation Prize.

Worldwide visibility

"Thank You Event"

18 novembre 2015

Sponsors and donators appreciation event at Brasseur de Montréal. Watching of the Rafale Little Cup Video Blog on the big screen!

100 persons

Montreal Boat Show

February 5-8 2015

Booth and two conferences. Presentation of the scale model, pictures and videos of the build so far. We are catching the public's interest!

30000 visitors

Boat Launch Party

August 4 2015

Launching of the boat at the 100-Génies Pub, at ÉTS. First public appearance of Rafale under her racing colors! Sponsors also meet each other fot the first time.

200 persons

Yacht Club Appreciation

November 6 2015

Summary of the whole project, the competition, and appreciation the Yacht Club members, during their monthly-meeting evening.

100 persons


Montréal Boat and water sports Show

February 6-9 2014

Booth and presentation of the idea of the project for the very first time!

30000 visitors

Fédération de Voile du Québec Evening

October 17-19 2014

Presentation to the sailing community of Quebec.

200 persons

To come

You have an idea for an event? You would like us to take part in one of yours? The Team will be more than happy to present the Project, animate a talk, a booth ou simply speak at your event to share our story with passion.
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